The activities of the EU-SOLARIS Preparatory Phase are distributed in eight Work Packages (WP). The structure combines horizontal activities (management, legal consultancy, human resources, communication) and vertical ones (knowledge breakdown, systems, project management, measures). The project activities are further grouped according to four principal issues, all of them coordinated and monitored by the management WP (WP8). The issues and the involved WPs are the following:

EU-SOLARIS constitution and relationships strengthening

-           Governance & Financial Issues (WP1)

-           Legal status & User Access Policies (WP2)

-           Innovation & Contacts with Industry (WP4)

EU-SOLARIS distributed facility and logistical activities

-           Capacity Building & Services (WP3)

-           Distributed Facility Activity & Logistical Work (WP5)

External activities to assess the EU-SOLARIS impact and outreach

-           Dissemination & Outreach (WP6)

Related technology activities

-           Capacity Building & Services (WP3)

-           Technical design of STE Research Infrastructures and Research Activities (WP7)


EU-SOLARIS interaction/interdependencies, between WPs and WP blocks, chart